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May 10, 2008 ballot information

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A list of contested races for the May 10, 2008 municipal elections.

Bastrop County Ballot Information


City Council

Place 2

Joe Beal, 63, Engineer
Allen Tharp, 56, Unemployed

Place 4

David Lopez, 38, Educator
Bryan Whitten, 65, Retired TxDot
Julie Hart, 35,

Bastrop ISD

School Board Place 3

Allan W. Seekatz, 38, Landscaping business owner
Johnny Sanders, 56, Bluebonnet Electric
James E. Clark, 61, School Counselor
Michael Simms, 39, Regional Manager

School Board Place 4

John L. Eaton, 67, Retired
Tonda Owens, 43, CPS Program Director
Renee Barrientos, 52, Self-Employed



On Ballot, Marc Holm, 50, Business Owner
Write-In, Sue Brashar, 39, Planner/Scheduler

Ward 2

Scott Mackay, 45, Manager
Stacey Van Landingham, 43, Production Manager

Ward 3

Pat Frenzel, 60, Acupuncturist
Sonia Sims, 46, Office Credit Manager

Elgin ISD

District 1

(i) Byron Mitchell, 45, Materials Analyst
Carol Haynes-Buchanan, 30, Quality Assurance Analyst

District 2

(i) Geno Chavarria, 63, Self Employed mfg.
Ron Jay, 65, Self Employed Painter


Place 5

(i) Larry Espinosa, 52, Center Point Energy Technician
Linda Lamprecht, 46, Coordinator

Smithville ISD

School Board Place 2

(i) Michael Goertz, 51, Self Employed
Frederick Passman, 48, Physician

Bell County Ballot Information


Belton ISD

School Board

two At-Large Seats
Jeannette Kelley, 71, Retired principal
(i) Tim Stephens, 47, Executive Director of Bell Co. Expo Center
Kristi Tindell, 47, Behavioral Specialist



(i) Timothy L. Hancock, 73, Transportation
Harold Butchart, 60, Retired military
Lahr Parsons, 57, BBPCT Inspector
Maureen J. Jouett, 54, Adjunct Instructor

City Councilmember

three At-Large seats
Ed Frazee, Jr., 43, Self-employed
Carol Moses, 54, Self-employed
Scott Cosper, 39,General Contractor
Billy C. Workman, 53, Retired Army
Michael Hunter, 35, Technical Writer
Otis Evans, 64, Administrator-Long term care
Doris M. Owens, 59, Substitute teacher
Larry K. Cole, 70, Real Estate Appraiser
Bernardine Martin, 64, Librarian/Teacher/Real Estate Broker
Robin M. Cathcart (write-in), Defense contractor

Killeen ISD

School Board, Seat 4

(i)Mike Helm, 55, Investment
T.J. Carson, 46, CEO

School Board, Seat 5

(i) Terry Delano, 48, Management
Ed Coet, 59, Teacher

Copperas Cove

City Council, Position 6

John F. Gallen, 56, High School Teacher
Bill L. Stephens, 58, Information Assurance Manager
Willie C. Goode, 66, Family Counselor

City Council, Position 7

Frank Seffrood, 69, Letter Carrier
Sandor Vegh, 59, Retired
Danny Palmer, 59, US Army Retired
Joseph Solomon, 49, Director of Refuge Corporation
Rick Ott, 33, Realtor



(i) Carolyn Sterling, 63, Retired nurse
James M. Cox, Sr., 50, Retired

City Councilmember

Donnie L. Rohloff, 50, Retired
Clifford Tibbetts, 51, Auto Body Technician

City Councilmember At-Large

James Tibbetts, Jr., 52, Retired
Monica Shults, 37, Manager
Wayne "Chief" Hamilton, 65, Retired
Emma McCullough, 60, Housewife
Donald "Skip" Matthews, Retired

Blanco County Ballot Information


City Council

(i) Ron Houston, 69, Announcer
(i) Rebecca Howerton, 73, Retired teacher
(i) Bobby Mack McClung, 53, Executive
Todd Elers, 33, Plant Manager
Louann Hayes, 55, Office Administrator
Linda D. Howard, 61, Librrary Assistant
Christina "Tina" Gourley, 52, Internal Auditor

Johnson City

City Council

(i) James F. Stevenson, 67, Retired Salesman
Ralph Moss, 64, Realtor
Alyce Duncan, 73, Horseshoe Bay POA

Caldwell County Ballot Information



(i) James "Jimmy" Bertram, 42, Self Employed
Deward Cummings II, 59, Retired entrepreneur
Fred Wiegand, 62, Petroleum engineer

City Council District 4

Richard Banks, 64, Attorney
Donna McClary, 49, Telecommunications

Lockhart ISD

District 1

(i) Timoteo "Tim" Juarez, Jr.
Carl Cisneros
Johnny Miranda

District 2

Andy Govea
Terri Tedford
Brenda Spillman

District 3

Susan K. Brooks
Rosemary Wells
Micheal McCain

District 4

Dennis Placke
Derek Benavides
Lawrence "Allen" McKee
Luling: No opposed races

Luling ISD

Board of Trustees

(i) J.W. "Jimmy" Wright, 60, Oil Field Pumper
(i) Melba K. Sexton, 43, Rancher
(i) Sarah Bush, 54, Therapist
Jo Ellen Weisner, 55, Program Supervisor
Shane Allen Watts, 37, Farmer
Antonio Velasquez, 47, Safety Investigator
Richard Torres, 36, Program Specialist
Darrell Hendricks, 49, Business Owner



David, 49, Educator
Albert Busse, 71, Rancher


Rick Tobias, 36, Custodian
Glenn R. Smith, 59, Maintenance manager
(i) Gordon Ross Sassman, 58, Business owner
Elius Deloya, 54, Warehouse supervisor
Cleto Duran Jr., 50, Yarrington Road Materials
Robert Wilson, 30, Deputy sheriff

Gillespie County Ballot Information


City Council

David Pedregon, 39, Self-employed
(i) Kevin MacWithey, 53, Landscaper
Jeff Jeffers, 45, Restaurant owner
Randy Thompson, 57, Businessman

Hays County Ballot Information

Hays ISD

$86.7 million bond - The bond package includes two new elementary schools, a new middle school, $7.1 million in district wide improvements, and the purchase of buses, technology and land for future school sites.



Hutch White, 55, Implementation Engineer
Bobby Lane, 50, Auditor (current Mayor Pro-Tem)

City Council, Place 1

Ron Fletcher, 63, Adjunct professor
Gerry O'Brien, 70, Retired pharmacist

City Council, Place 6

Bill Gray, 52, Contractor
Todd Ruge, 35, Operator at Freescale
Scott Dodd, 29, Project manager

Dripping Springs

City Council

Doug Phillip, 58, Property manager
Joe Volpe, 51, Home designer


City Council, Place 4

(i) Dan Ekakiadis, 66, Retired tax examiner Air Force master sgt.
Dan Wilson, 61, Child support officer
Eric Franklin, 41, TDFPS


City Council, Place 4

(i) Terrie Bursiel, 63, Reservations
Steve Thurber, 60, CPA

McLennan County Ballot Information



Virginia DuPuy
Brenda Eton Bell

City Council, District 3

Randy H. Riggs
Bill Franklin

Travis County Ballot Information

Anderson Mill MUD

Board of Directors, Place 1

John Kiracofe
Steve Nelson

Board of Directors, Place 2

Pam Farley
Cindy Ottenbacher
Duane Weber

Board of Directors, Place 3

Elizabeth Elleson
Fred Morgan


City Council, Place 1

Allen Demling
(i) Lee Leffingwell
Jason Meeker

City Council, Place 3

(i) Jennifer Kim
Randi Shade
Ken Weiss

City Council, Place 4

Robin Cravey
Jennifer Gale
Cid Galindo
Laura Morrison
Sam Osemene
Ken Vasseau

Austin Community College District

ACC Trustee, Place 1

Harrison Keller
Tim Mahoney
Mike Reid

ACC Annexation Proposition

Annexation of Round Rock territory not presently included in the ACC District’s boundaries

Austin Independent School District

District 3 Trustee

Christine Brister
Jerry Garcia

AISD Proposition 1

$187.7 million in school building bonds to relieve overcrowding and support academic achievement

AISD Proposition 1

$73.9 million in school building bonds for health, safety, security, environmental improvements and other district needs

AISD Proposition 1

$82 million in school building bonds for education, special programs and expansion

Cedar Park

City Council, Place 4

Glen Fine (has dropped out of the race but remains on ballot)
Lowell Moore
Larry Schuler
Wayne Ruark

Del Valle Independent School District

District 5 Trustee

Steven Hart
Georgia Hicks

District 8 Trustee

Gina Wagner
Ron Wattinger Jr.


Alderman, Place 4

John Tichi
Lance Wedell

Alderman, Place 5

Dell McCool
Robert Moore

Lago Vista

City Council, Place 4

Marcia Gully
Pat Dixon

City Council, Place 6

Richard “Dick” Bohn
Brad Waite

Lago Vista ISD

Place 4 Trustee

Cheryl Wallace
Tom Rugel

Lake Travis ISD

Place 7 Trustee

Mayo Davidson
Carol Johnson
David Lovelace

Leander ISD

Place 6 Trustee

Nathan Deckinga
Jim Sneeringer

Place 7 Trustee

D.R. Dadey
Bryan Martin
Will Streit
Pam Waggoner

Manor ISD


vote none, one or two
Desiree Barnes Cornelius-Fisher
Bill Dalleske
Melinda Tumlinson Fiebig
Luit Hill
Mike O’Brien
Karen Snowden Mazerac

Northwest Austin MUD No. 1

Board of Directors

vote for none, one or two
Chris Bowers
Fred Williams
Don Zimmerman


City Council, Place 4

Starlet Sattler
Fred Velarde

Proposition 1

$11 million in revenue bonds for new City Hall

Proposition 2

$16 million in revenue bonds for new Recreational Center

Proposition 3

$7 million in revenue bonds for improvements to City Library

Ranch at Cypress Creek MUD No. 1

Board of Directors

vote for none, one, two or three
John Bonney
Richard Kennedy
Paul Klein
Max Moss
Larry Stefka



Barry M. Bone
Dale Dingley

City Council Alderman

Shanthi Jayakumar
Brian Nalle
Frank Scofield

Round Rock

City Council, Place 1

Rufus Honeycutt
John Moman

Proposition 1

Assistant(s) to the Mayor and Council

Proposition 2

Publication requirements

Proposition 3

Charter Review Commission

Sunset Valley

City Council

vote for none, one or two
Karen Medicus
Paul Ruiz
Bruce Smith
Barbara Wilson

Travis County ESD No. 12

Proposition 1

Adoption of local sales tax of one half of one percent

Travis County MUD No. 12

Board of Directors

vote for none, one, two, three, four or five
Melissa Miller
Robert Griffith
Jim Henry
Daniel Robertson
Sue Wall

Proposition 1

$84.8 million in tax bonds

Proposition 2

Tax not to exceed $1.50 per $100 property valuation to support bonds

Proposition 3

$53 million in bonds for park and recreational facilities

Travis County MUD No. 13

Board of Directors

vote for none, one, two, three, four or five
Richard Fadal
Louis Granger
Rhianna Horan
Jesse Kennis
Michael Matz

Proposition 1

$113 million in tax bonds

Proposition 2

Tax not to exceed $1.50 per $100 property valuation to support bonds

Proposition 3

$53 million in bonds for park and recreational facilities

Travis County MUD No. 16

Proposition 1

Confirming creating of the district

Proposition 2

$52 million in tax bonds

Proposition 3

Tax not to exceed $1 per $100 property valuation for operation and maintenance of the district

Proposition 4

$6.2 million in bonds for park and recreational facilities

Board of Directors

vote for none, one, two, three, four or five
Andrew Miller
Jared Grant
Bobbie Beal
Robert Ruggio
Jonny Rodgers

Travis County WCID-Point Venture

Board of Directors

vote for none, one or two
Richard Spahn
Bradley Baer
Margaret Sue Filbey

Travis County WCID No. 17

Board of Directors

vote for none, one or two
Mickey Decker
Jeff Roberts
Jerri Lynn Ward

Proposition 1

Designation of Serene Hills

Proposition 2

Operation and maintenance tax within Serene Hills (no particulars on the levy or purpose)

Travis-Creedmore MUD

Proposition 1

Confirming creation of the district

Proposition 2

Operation and maintenance tax not to exceed $1 per $100 property valuation

Board of Directors

vote for none, one, two, three, four or five
David Donaldson
Mike Fowler
Jim Hemphill
Kurt Johnson
Kerry Russell

Wells Branch MUD

Board of Directors, Place 2

Vince Brown
Charles “Chuck” Walters

West Lake Hills


Dave Claunch
Dwight Thompson
Mark Urdahl

City Council, Place 4

Cindy Probst
Jonathan Schoolar

Williamson-Travis Counties MUD No. 1

Board of Directors

vote for none, one or two
Steve Davies
Robert Kenny Jr.
John Kinniell
Chris Rocco

Village of Volente

City Council

vote for none, one or two
Justine Blackmore-Hlista
Richard Roucloux

Williamson County Ballot Information



Arthur J. White, 72, Retired
James M. Grant, 46, Retired USAF Military

City Council

three at large seats
Tommy R. Hill, 67, Retired
Reuben J. Lindemann, 80, Retired
Lana Sue Hill, 55, Retired LVN
Charlie R. Johnson, 64, Maintenance Technician at Bartlett State Jail
Barbara J. Sandobal, 62, Retired
Bill Terrell (write in), 55, Electrician

Cedar Park

City Council, Place 4

Glen Allan Fine, 55, Software Engineer
Lowell Moore, 68, Retired
Larry Schuler, 56, Retired
Wayne Ruark, 31, Service Consultant/Auto Dealer

Florence ISD

School Board, Place 1

Deena Shelton, 46, Assistant Office Manager

School Board, Place 2

(i) Anita Wiseman, 42, Homemaker
Jason Earp, 38, Wireless Electronics Technician
Kellie Craft, 45, Production Coordinator



George Garver, 75, Retired
Doug Smith, 71, Retired

City Council, District 6

Randall Craig, 57, Teacher
Dale Ross, 48, Certified Public Accountant



(i) Kenneth Love, 60, Director of Security
Steven Salfelder, 54, General Contractor

City Council, Place 3

Love Charles Fain, 44, Service Deliver Manager
Daniel McDowell, 54, Self-employed
Ronnie Quintanilla-Perez, 35, Credit Manager

City Council, Place 6

Felix Madrid, 37, Property Management
Kyle Sears, 27, Pastor

Lago Vista

City Council, Place 4

Marcia Gully, 68, Retired teacher,
Pat Dickson, 44, consultant

City Council, Place 6

Brad Waite, 48, Retired
(i) Richard "Dick" Bohn, 68, retired

Lago Vista ISD

School Board, Place 4

Cherryl Wallace, 50, Behavior Specialist
Tom Rugel, 66, Engineering consultant

Liberty Hill


(i) Connie Fuller, 66, Real estate broker
Carl Cook, 39, Patroleum Landman

City Council, Place 2

(i) Jack Harkrider, 71, Teacher
Monty Bill Price, 66, Teacher

City Council, Place 4

(i) Charles Canady, 47, Auto mechanic
Jamie Williamson, 48, Self-employed

Liberty Hill ISD

School Board, Place 1

(i) Joe "Scooter" Lenox
Monroe Williamson
Shawn Roberts

School Board, Place 3

David Nix
Dan Shine
Joe Serio

Round Rock

City Council, Place 1

(i) Rufus Honeycutt, 66, Retired
John Moman, 53, architect


Thorndale ISD School Board

Rebecca McWilliams, 43, Real Estate Appraiser,
Kimberly Knapek, 44, Domestic Engineer
Larry J. Fisher, 57, Electrician
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